Robert Marma robert_marma at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 19 17:32:39 CEST 2010

Hi, all, 
  It has been awhile since I last contacted all of you.  I hope you're all well 
and are successful in your various  projects.  Anyway, at the time of my last 
post I was considering one of the Linux distributions to use on my netbook [in 
conjunction with Scribus, of course] but was undecided as to which one I should 
choose.  Well, I was finally forced to make the plunge to openSUSE Gnome v11.2.  
An unfortunate and foolish internet connection on my part changed my internal 
LAN settings on my Vista netbook, and when I could no longer access a prior  
"good" restore point I attempted Gateway's factory Vista system recovery using a 
set of recovery discs that I had burned, but they also turned out to be 
corrupted.  [Hindsight suggests that I should have tested them immediately after 
creating them.]  When I became desperate enough to attempt to install Windows XP 
from a full-install generic disc I have, a diagnostic informed me that I was 
missing a boot manager.  So, there I was, with a Gateway netbook that was 
completely useless, except perhaps as a paperweight! 

  Then I recalled that about six months ago I had the foresight to burn an 
openSUSE Gnome LiveCD from an ISO image that I downloaded from one of their 
repositories.  Fortunately for me, this CD turned out to be a system installer 
CD, as well, so I installed openSUSE from this CD, and now I'm back in business 
and can once more use the computer again and connect to the Internet.  Note that 
this is a single partition, Linux-only install, and Vista is now history! 

  Of course, this switch opened up a Pandora's Box of new problems, since I had 
never used any Linux OS before, and this is why I am once again bothering this 
esteemed group. 

  I won't waste anyone's time here for guidance concerning OpenSUSE Linux or 
Gnome, since there exist numerous Linux forums, one of which I've already 
joined.  However, I WAS hoping that among the Linux users out there someone 
would be kind enough to guide me through the process of installing Ghostscript 
and Scribus, since I would like to continue using both on this netbook.  If so, 
which version should I run?  Also, I was wondering if it would be advisable for 
me to install and use Wine in order to be able to run some of the Windows apps 
that I was sorry to lose when I installed OpenSUSE. 

Thanx again, 
Bob Marma  [Scribus newbie and openSUSE newborn]


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