[scribus] Fitting page dimensions to an imported PDF.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Sep 9 07:18:06 CEST 2010

> Here is the deal. I create a pdf of a book cover image in Inkscape
> using all its neat features, including a perfect bound book template
> and vector output. But Inkscape has two major limitations. It won't
> create a true CMYK file and it won't produce PDF X/1-a.  So the plan is
> to create book covers in Inkscape and then import the resulting PDF
> into Scribus just to create a proper PDF X/1-a file in CMYK color
> model.

If I don't recall wrong, color management in Scribus does not work
well for imported PDF files (a least not if you import as native PDF,
maybe it works if you rasterize, but then you might as well export a
JPEG, PNG or TIFF from Inkscape and import into an image frame).

And since you export from Inkscape, wouldn't you already know the
dimensions in Inkscape? If I don't recall wrong, the export dialog in
Inkscape shows the dimensions so it would be easy to take note of them
when exporting.


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