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Submitted on 09/06/2010
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   Name: Rudolf Vavruch
   Email Address: vavruch at gmail.com
   Subject: Making PDF smaller
Hi, I'm sending this from the contact form on scribus.net.

My friends and I are making an online magazine, you can view the first issue  
here: exhibitmag.co.za. The second issue is complete but for one problem - as  
a PDF it's too big. I've tried various methods of exporting it but nothing  
gets it looking good unless it is around 400MB. My friend took this PDF  
opened it in Illustrator and when closing it, it asked him if he wanted to  
remove superfluous data (or something similar), bookmarks and other things.  
It then compressed the file down to 40MB! But I've noticed one problem,  
occasionally some of the text is messed up.

Is there anyway I can compress the generated PDF without dropping image  
resolution and keeping all the text as is?

I am using ScribusNG 1.3.5 - that comes with Linux Mint 8 Helena.

Kind regards,

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     Version: older_developmental
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     Type: Linux
     Version: Linux Mint 8 Helena
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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