[scribus] jPDF for imposition

Bruce McIntyre ooga at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 6 00:45:18 CEST 2010

Anyone else used jPDF?  Works great if you figure out the settings and 
play with the config string.  I have a legal sized booklet coming from 
8.5" high and 7" wide pages in Scribus, and I found the best settings as 

     --Input tab: use filename/check Multiple File Input/Select 
Pages/specify pages 3 to x-2
     --Page Size Tab: check Rotate Pages/select "Right" for both 
Portrait and Landscape/check
                      Scale Pages/select Legal Landscape, 1008 width, 
612 height
     --Shuffle/N-up Tab: select Shuffle Pages/Preset: Booklet 
Landscape/Config String:
       right side: Legal Landscape

The only remaining mystery is WHY does this work?  What's the 
significance of 0.82 and -12.5% in the config string?  Anybody know?  (I 
hate using things blindly....)

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