[scribus] CMS

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Oct 29 13:02:01 CEST 2010

> What are the reasons for needing CMS? Colour Management is hard to get good.
To see on screen how it should look on paper...

> You might be better off using CMYK colours and defining colours by
> numbers (to get them printed right), then it doesn't matter how they
> look on screen.
Yes if you have big experience in print house and densitometer in you eyes and 
in your mind.

> That's the way Pantone (and similar) colours have been used for a long time.
Not exactly. Main reason for using Pantone is
1. it has colours extending CMYK spectrum
2. it has colour definitions for separate additional colours in printing (eg 
CMYK + some Pantone)

> Also, Scribus isn't exactly a replacement for OO Draw, maybe you
> should have a look at Inkscape too.
Yes, I agree with you in 100% at this point.
Inkscape -> eps files -> Scribus -> pdf file


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