[scribus] a proposal regarding styles

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 28 20:57:10 CEST 2010

hi greg,

> This might eventually become a feature request, but first it may be
> need some refining.
> I would like to propose for consideration having a repository of
> sorts (maybe as part of Scrapbook or a separate feature) that
> contains a list of Styles (Paragraph, Character, and maybe even
> Line), that can be saved like items are saved in Scrapbook and can
> then be used generically in Scribus.
> While there is the capability already to import a style from another 
> document, it seems that styles are more important than having to 
> remember the name of a file in which a particular style resides, then 
> having to choose from a list. Yes, one can certainly create a "dummy" 
> document that simply contains a large number of styles, but it seems 
> like these sorts of things never happen despite best intentions.
> Humans are creatures of habit, and I can certainly envision having a 
> (somewhat) short list of styles, which I might choose from for a 
> particular purpose, yet in an individual document tweak a bit for
> very specific use. If all I might want to change is font size or line 
> spacing, having the rest importable in an easy way helps my workflow 
> considerably.
> Secondarily, I think this then leads to consideration of some kind of 
> tabular display of the particular features of a given style, showing
> me font, size, linespacing, other tweaks so I have something to see
> whether the A, B, or C choice of very similar styles is the one I'm
> looking for.

picking up a very old mail... 

basically an interesting idea. but: is it not what templates are for?


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