[scribus] Black and blacker.

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Oct 27 23:05:11 CEST 2010

> I am correcting a cover file built by someone else. The author wants a
> certain line of white text on black background covered up. No problem
> using a rectangle. But to get the rectangle to match in Scribus I need
> to use a new color of about 96% K. That makes the rectangle match in
> Scribus but unmatch in acrobat reader. A rectangle of pure 100% black
> does fine in Acrobat Reader but is noticeably blacker in Scribus.
> I am using the latter choice. But only the proof copy will tell for
> sure.
> The original artist used Photoshop at some point in the process. Who
> knows what black she or he used? However it is interesting that a
> black background which is jet black in Acrobat Reader shows up as a
> very dark gray in Scribus.

If Photoshop was used, would it be possible to use the gimp and remove
all black, then make a new image in Scribus with the same uniform


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