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On Tuesday 26 October 2010 23:10:50 Andy Shissler wrote:
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>    Name: Andy Shissler
>    Email Address: andrew_l_shissler at yahoo.com
>    Subject: Scribus & VioVio - PDF settings
>    Message:
> I'm trying to create a photobook using Scribus and then uploading
> the PDF to VioVio.  For some reason, VioVio does not like PDF's
> created by Scribus. They recommend printing the Scribus document to
> Adobe Acrobat and let Adobe create the PDF since it's somehow more
> friendly to their printer.  When I create the PDF via Scribus
> (using the Export feature), the photos in the PDF look great, even
> after the downsampling to 300dpi.  However, when Adobe creates the
> PDF (via Scribus Print command), the colors of the photos are
> muted.  In other words, the colors looked faded, especially the
> greens, which look more brown-ish than green.  Does anyone have an
> idea what is causing this?  Does it have to do with the color
> management in Scribus?
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>      Type: Windows
>      Version: WinXP
>      CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)
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Sounds like an RGB vs. CMYK problem. If the photos are RGB then you 
need to change them to CMYK. ImageMagick "convert" will do the job.
I think the command is
convert infil.jpg -colorspace CMYK outfil.jpg

Make sure your internal color palette is CMYK also. 
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