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Submitted on 10/27/2010
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   Name: Andy Shissler
   Email Address: andrew_l_shissler at yahoo.com
   Subject: Scribus & VioVio - PDF settings
I'm trying to create a photobook using Scribus and then uploading the PDF to  
VioVio.  For some reason, VioVio does not like PDF's created by Scribus.   
They recommend printing the Scribus document to Adobe Acrobat and let Adobe  
create the PDF since it's somehow more friendly to their printer.  When I  
create the PDF via Scribus (using the Export feature), the photos in the PDF  
look great, even after the downsampling to 300dpi.  However, when Adobe  
creates the PDF (via Scribus Print command), the colors of the photos are  
muted.  In other words, the colors looked faded, especially the greens, which  
look more brown-ish than green.  Does anyone have an idea what is causing  
this?  Does it have to do with the color management in Scribus?

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     Type: Windows
     Version: WinXP
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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