[scribus] Imposition

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Oct 4 08:01:35 CEST 2010

I'm quoting several posts here, since they are related.

> Imposition is a fairly frequent request here, and I suspect a number of

No, it is not. Booklet printing is. But I have never seen anyone ask
for impositions with more than two pages on each side of the sheet
(save the request for 3-fold).

And I think most of those asking for booklet printing print on their
own office printer rather than send off to a printing company.

> I think that scribus (a very good program) fails if it is not possible
> to make a pdf-end-product that is ready to be send to any
> printer/printshop.

How many printers ask for already imposed files? To impose for the
printer you need to know how their print presses and folding machines
work, you need to get an imposition scheme from them and implement it.
And I think most users do NOT want to mess with that (because if there
is any small error in the imposition you will have to pay for the lost
prints and fix the error).

By leaving the imposition to the printer you assure that and any
errors in the imposition will be under the responsibility of the
printer, and the printer knows his machines so he will make the right


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