[scribus] Booklet printing (was: Imposition)

Frank Busse frank at busse.oche.de
Mon Oct 4 06:56:33 CEST 2010

K.King wrote:
> Can we vote on that?

No, we can't.

As far as I have followed this list, the only "fairly frequent request" about imposition (including my own) is printing a booklet, i.e. re-arranging and 2-up printing. Are any further "imposition" tasks of interest here? (Leporello printing might be interesting, too.)

"Imposition" for those who are concerned with professional printing is a much larger task, dealing with arranging pages and several "printing aids" on large sheets for creating books. We can (and should) concentrate upon a very small part - and thus not talk about "imposition", but about "booklet printing".

"Booklet printing" appears to bear only one frequent problem that cannot be solved within Scribus/acroread, by now: printing neighbouring pages in direct contact. For n-up printing, acroread always sets "borders" around the pages. Thus, the (assumed frequent) combination of Scribus/acroread is not usable for "booklet printing" with neighbouring pages that need to be in contact (or to have a user-defined space between them).

I assume that including "booklet printing" (i.e. re-arranging pages and 2-up printing with user-definable space) to PDF would solve the majority of requests about "imposition in Scribus" in this list.


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