[scribus] Imposition

Tom Connolly tconnolly at embarqmail.com
Sun Oct 3 23:01:47 CEST 2010

What would be the benefit of adding imposition to Scribus? As a former owner of a printshop, I can tell you that every printer who can print a spread has the tools in his workflow to do the imposition. 
"Camera ready" means the page is exactly the way you want it. The printer takes it from there. If he's running a 20" press it'll be one imposition, if a 26" another, 36" another and 40" yet another. I sincerely doubt the printer would want you to impose the pages.  Now if you're talking about imposition on a copy machine, Adobe Reader already has the firepower to do that.
I hope the developers aren't asked to spend their valuable time on adding this function of dubious value at the expense of other important improvements. 
Thank you Scribus developers for making available this software! 
Tom Connolly
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