[scribus] Imposition

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 3 12:15:25 CEST 2010

on top of what owen answered: hopefully, scribus won't ever do any
imposition [1] . we need a free application for it and there was some
work around podofo to create one.

DTP is about placing content on a page, not arranging pages for the
printer. and it would be nice if we could keep it that way!


Can we vote on that?
I think DTP goes a bit further than just placing content on page.
Imposition is a fairly frequent request here, and I suspect a number of 
"average" users would be bamboozled by most of various options thrown at 
If Scribus could integrate it (maybe utilising podofo?) to make (some 
peoples) life easier without creating issues why not?
Maybe we can have a special "a.l.e. profile" to ensure it is hidden and 
disabled for elite power users :-?


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