[scribus] pxd/x3 export : apparently contains RGB images

eric hanuise ehanuise at fantasybel.net
Fri Oct 1 17:32:15 CEST 2010

On 01/10/10 16:54, Pierre Marchand wrote:
> Vous (eric hanuise) avez écrit :
>> On 01/10/10 16:32, Christoph Schäfer wrote:
>>> On Friday 01 October 2010 12:30:15 eric hanuise wrote:
>>>> Hi all.
>>>> I've exported a PDF as pdf/x3 using isocoated v2 ICC profile.
>>>> It contains several png images, which are rgb.
>>>> As I understand it, the pdf exported by scribus should be cmyk only, and
>>>> the images converted to cmyk during pdf generation.
>>>> however, the printer came back to me and told me the pdf contained RGB
>>>> images.
>>>> Have I misunderstood the ability of scribus to convert everything to
>>>> cmyk on pdf export, or is there some setting I missed ?
>>> Yes, this seems to be a misunderstanding, and to be honest, it's quite
>>> common even among commercial printers. The PDF/X-3 standard explictly
>>> permits RGB imgaes (plus a colour profile) to be included in a PDF, which
>>> is one of its biggest advantages. In other words: Scribus adheres to the
>>> standard :)
>> Thanks, bu this does not reply my question :) pdf/x3 is in fact
>> irrelevant here.
>> The printer requests cmyk only pdf's, with no rgb images inside it.
>> How can I provide that to him ?
> In PDF export>  colors>  target = printer
Thanks. This option is greyed out when using pdf/x3 (but shows 'printer').
When using another type of pdf (1.3 1.4 or 1.5) the prepress option does 
not allow to specify the icc profile to be used as intent.
Will the profile defined in color management for printer be used ?
(I'm using 1.3.7 on ubuntu)

How can I check the saved PDF to know which profile have actually been 
used ?
Also, how can I check that the saved PDF does indeed only contain CMYK 
objects and no RGB ? (Using tools available on linux)

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