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Fri Oct 1 02:33:55 CEST 2010

If you're going to use SANE for your scanner, you first have to make
sure SANE recognizes your scanner. If your GUI front end doesn't see
the scanner, you have to find out whether SANE sees it. You do this
by typing as root at a terminal prompt:

If your scanner doesn't appear there with the location where it's
found, you first need to get it recognized. Sometimes when
sane-find-scanner shows your scanner but the front end doesn't list
it, it's because the permissions for the scanner belong to root.
Change it to allow yourself or users in general to use the scanner.

Once again, you most likely need a driver from Canon for your
scanner. Many Canon scanners are not supported through SANE. All the
editing in the world won't help you until you install that driver.
Google to find it, download, install. Then you run CANON's CanoScan
program and you're in business.

All this assumes SANE doesn't support your scanner. Have you checked
at the SANE Web site to see the status of your scanner? They have a
lot of information about supported and unsupported scanners. And as
always, Google is your friend.
--Judy M.

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