[scribus] Scannig problem

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Fri Oct 1 01:00:19 CEST 2010

> Thanks for your reply Frank - BUT, as I said, my scanner is not
> recognised -
> in Ubuntu or in Mint - no lights, no noise, it's not recognised.
> Logging out of either and back into Windows and it works fine.
> Xsane says there is no scanner connected. I can print OK, but not
> scan!

Not a Scribus problem, and if it any comfort for you, I have
Ubuntu-9.04 with xsane etc and it  happily finds my ancient Scanmaster

I installed a beta of 10.10 and it had SimpleScan which did not
recognise the scanner. I just haven't tried installing all the xsane
stuff to see if the Scanmaster shows up

As someone suggested, go to the Ubuntu forums, or maybe there is a
SimpleScan forum.



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