[scribus] Image size on A2 calendar made in Scribus

Angela Vincent (Vanilla) angela at vanillamarketing.co.uk
Fri Nov 26 15:13:53 CET 2010

Thanks Gregory.  It comes up with Gimp is missing.  Is that key to resizing
the images.?  I am downloading one from www.gimp.org.  Then I look in
external tools and locate the program?  Sorry if this all pretty basic to
you.  I've done loads of goood, smaller projects without all this info!

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On 11/26/2010 07:10 AM, Angela Vincent (Vanilla) wrote:
> Hi all
> This is my first post.
> I have got a bit bolder with Scribus and made an A2 calendar with an image
> that is 390mm x 290mm, so almost half the page.  The trouble is, I seem to
> be a bit out of my depth at this larger size in understanding the use of
> images and how they blow up, and also if there is something I should or
> should not be doing in Scribus itself to improve this.
> I have changed the preview settings to full resolution which helped and I
> purchased the stock images from www.fotolia.com at 300 dpi.  The printer
> says my images are 110 dpi on all pages.  The rough image size I purchased
> for each page was 1700 x 1117 (1.9mp)  5.7" x 3.7" but they vary a bit
> image to image.  I could buy the next size up but I am not sure if this
> work.
> It all looks great on the page!

Hi Angela,

If you look at Properties > Image you can check the image DPI for 
whatever size you have made your image frame. You would likely be 
disappointed in 110 dpi in your final product. 150 - 300 dpi is more 
likely to be satisfactory. There are some instances where > 300 might be 
desirable, but not for most purposes.

This may be of some help:


Keep in mind that the screen shots are of highly magnified PDFs.


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