[scribus] Finding font type in Scribus

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 19:42:10 CET 2010

In some of my older documents, the "Arab" font was originally set as the default (probably with Scribus on an older version of Kubuntu). When I open one of those documents with 1.3.8 (Kubuntu 10.04), I always get a message saying something to the effect that some fonts -- i.e. Arab -- are not installed and asks for font substitution (I have chosen Arial). I select "make this substitution permanent". Even when I save the document, and reopen it again, I still have to go through that annoying bit about font substitution.

How can I find out where it thinks I am still using Arab (not that I intentionally ever used it) so that I can get rid of it forever?



P.S. Should I be using a later version of Scribus, and if so, how can I find the repository for it?

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