[scribus] Verifying CMYK (John Culleton)

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> From: John Culleton<john at wexfordpress.com>
> Subject: [scribus] Verifying CMYK
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> If I set up Scribus with a CMYK palette,
> activate color management,
> insert an RGB format jpg  file in a graphics frame,
> export the file to PDF using a SWOP icc file,
>   will the jpg image in the output PDF still be in RPG format or will
> it be converted to CMYK equivalent?
Hello John,

This is the job of offset ICC profiles to convert in CMYK, so don't worry.
Nevertheless, you need to have a strong color management, i.e activating 
the output preview in both Gimp and Scribus, both set on your SWOP 
profile. Be careful with this profile too: it's made to print on US 
printers, and doesn't manage a good TAC.

Have fun!

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