[scribus] X and Y and basepoint

J Brown inisfad at vodafone.ie
Mon Nov 22 16:56:35 CET 2010

I am having trouble with Scribus printing.  I am doing greeting cards, 
and find that the margins and spacing I see on my display do not convert 
properly to my printer.  I have had this issue for some time, and have 
learned to export and print only from PDF, etc.  When playing around 
with this some more, I notice that the setting of the basepoint changes 
the way the cards are printed, even though I see no change to position 
of graphics or text on my screen.  Can someone explain exactly what 
basepoint does?  For example, when I am doing greeting cards, I am using 
my own template for printing on the right side of A4 set to landscape.  
As long as basepoint is clicked for the right side (right top or right 
bottom does not seem to make a difference) it appears that my printing 
is closer to what I see on the screem.  If basepoint is clicked for the 
left side (or centre) then I lose half the graphic off the right side of 
the paper.  As it is, I have to print a number of drafts in order to get 
the position of the graphics correct.  I would like to be able to do 
this more accurately.  Otherwise, I love the program.  Thanks for any help.

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