[scribus] Printing alignmenterror

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 21 16:59:18 CET 2010

On 11/21/2010 03:37 AM, Abuelo Paul wrote:
> Submitted on 11/21/2010
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> Name: Abuelo Paul
> Email Address: abuelo.paul at gmail.com
> Subject: Printing alignmenterror
> Message:
> I recently upgraded from Linux Mint 6 Felicia to Mint 8 Helena. After
> installing Scribus from the synaptic manager and running it, I found
> that many of my pre-saved templates cannot print correctly.
> Specifically the top 2-3 cm are missing and the print starts and ends
> "high".
> As most of my printing is for A4 "16 sticky Labels sheet" labels and
> double CD sticky labels this is obviously a problem I don't need.
> As a trial, I dl'd the latest version, by adding the preferred
> repository, and updated to v. Jan 2010 build. Same error.
> All other programs and applications print fine.
> These labels were printing fine withe older version of Mint, bt I don't
> know if it is the Ubuntu Karmic Koala build that is the prob or Mint or
> Scribus.
> Ideas?
If things were printing Ok before with the same version of Scribus, the 
problem may lie outside of Scribus, perhaps with CUPS. Check your 
settings in CUPS for you printer(s).

Are you printing directly from Scribus or from a PDF viewer?

I presume you've checked Print Preview to make sure that looks Ok.

You also might try using an alternative printer command:

lpr -Pyourprintername

There has been a problem in Fedora for the last several versions in 
which I have to use the alternative printer command, and I believe you 
can add offsets as needed. This doesn't apply to Adobe Reader.

A final thing to try might be the scribus-ng version to see if it does 
the same thing.


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