[scribus] Font oddities

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Nov 21 03:54:37 CET 2010

Scribus 1.3.8 and Fontmatrix 0.6.99 on Fedora 13, x86_64.

Two perplexing issues:

1) Scribus finds the following fonts, which do not exist on the
computer, as far as I can tell:


A filesystem search on Hershey turned up nothing, although the file name
could be something else. More interestingly, Fontmatrix does not find
them. Note: Fontmatrix crashes if any fonts are modified or deleted
while it is running. And it does not refresh the font list when it is
launched unless you manually delete the .Fontmatrix folder to force it
to rebuild its list of fonts. I deleted the .Fontmatrix folder, but
Fontmatrix still does not see any fonts named Hershey.

Even more interesting, applying any of the Hershey fonts to text in
Scribus causes the text to appear as all underscores in the canvas.

Google turned up a website which lists even more Hershey fonts and says
they are "fonts converted from Hershey outlines." Apparently the site
lists Type 1 fonts to be used with Ghostscript.

Any elucidation is welcome.

2) My workhorse font is Junicode, a free open source font that is
completely unrestricted. Scribus refuses to embed it when exporting as
PDF, listing it in fonts to be outlined instead. In Preferences > Fonts
it is checked that it can be embedded. Outlining it is not acceptable
because my PDFs need to be searchable.

Any suggestions or workarounds are welcome.

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