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Submitted on 11/20/2010
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   Name: Cecetka
   Email Address: cecetka at gmail.com
   Subject: Import autmation from tables into text frames
Hi, Some years ago, I have seen a company having custom made software which  
generated a pdf-catalogue out of their product-database automatically. Since  
than, I did not come across something similar, so I do not even know what is  
the right term to search for. Now I want to have catalogue of products  
automatically generated from a database (or table). Every product has its  
text, price, and pic location in the form of text in the database. How can I  
mass-import products (text + image) into pre-determined text-frame (kind of  
"item-card"), one after another (f.e. 6 cards per page), so that catalogue  
can be generated automatically? Many thanks in advance.

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     Type: Linux
     Version: Ubuntu 10.10
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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