[scribus] Idea: MacGuffin

Bruce McIntyre ooga at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 18 09:35:09 CET 2010

Just a thought.

As I get used to Scribus, my wish list includes something I never saw 
added to Publisher in all the years I used it.  I've no idea what to 
call the solution I propose, so I've used the Alfred Hitchcock term for 
an element that looks relevant but isn't.

Here's the problem:

Often I find myself working on a publication where some text will refer 
to some other element, which may conceivably change its location before 
print time.  Perhaps the number of pages in the publication will go up 
or down, or a last minute layout change will move things around, or 
something else will happen during production that changes the location 
of the item referred to.

When I suspect this might happen, I type ???, as in "...you can find the 
results of this event on page ???"

As you may suspect, my batting average in converting the ??? to an 
actual page number is not as high as I would like it to be.  I do most 
of my Scribus work at bridge tournaments on an overnight turnaround, but 
that's not completely relevant since it can happen wherever there are 

So my suggestion is to create a new type of text element called the 
MacGuffin, which expects to be changed before printing.  So when you try 
to print, or convert to pdf, Scribus would list unconverted MacGuffins 
first, perhaps giving the option to ignore them.

Useful idea?  Is there a workaround I don't know about?

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