[scribus] Wish List -- Guides

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Nov 16 19:49:04 CET 2010

hi tom,

> In order to center logos and the like in a column, I drag out a
> guideline that marks the center of the column. How do I find the
> center? I will have a text block in the column, and when I click on
> that, the center drag points are at the center of the column.  The
> trouble is, as soon as I grab a guide to drag it to the center, the
> marks on the text block disappear, as it's no longer selected. I
> wonder if it would be too much trouble to keep something selected
> until the next typographical or art piece is selected? That way, the
> guide can be placed precisely on the first try. Thanks for a great
> program.

i have some ideas how you could center a logo in a more efficient way... but i fear that i could not fully get what you are trying to do.

however, here some hints:
- work with the columns in the guides manager instead of single guides or
- create a grid with the columns and the rows in the guides manager or
- draw a rectangle which spans from one guide to the other and then use align and distribute to align the logo to that rectangle.


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