[scribus] Upgrading of Scribus

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sat Nov 6 06:34:35 CET 2010

On Sat, 6 Nov 2010 14:52:02 +1030
"Ray" <risely at tadaust.org.au> dijo:

>New to Linux OS and at almost 78 am finding the transition from win XP
>a little difficult.
>I have Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop with Scribus installed. Also
>1.3.8 NG
>I want to upgrade to I have downloaded the file BUT how do I
>instal it?
>Synaptic Package Manager still only offers in its
>list for Scribus under the Graphics search.
>Version appears with a file search on the laptop and it looks
>like I have unpacked it.
>I can't seem to access it however.

There is really little difference between and - just
some bug fixes. Probably that's why Ubuntu hasn't added to its

If you really want to install do this:

1) Open Synaptic package manager and find Mark it to
uninstall and then click on the Apply button. Close Synaptic package

2) Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder where the
file is located. Note: Be sure it ends with .deb. If it ends with .rpm
you downloaded the wrong file. To navigate to the folder the command is
"cd." Tip: In Linux you don't usually have to type the whole name of a
file or a folder; just type the first few letters and hit tab.

Once you are in the folder do "ls -la" which will show all the files in
the folder. Do this just to be sure you are in the right folder. Then

sudo dpkg -i <filename.deb>

Clarification for your education: The above command tells the program
dpkg to install the package <filename.deb>. Installing packages
requires root permission. On Ubuntu you can do things as root with the
sudo command, which will then ask for your root password before

Another clarification: There are two command line ways to install a
package; apt-get and dpkg. Apt-get goes out to an Ubuntu repository,
finds and downloads the package, and installs it. Dpkg installs a file
that you have on your hard disk. 

I hope that resolves the issue for you.

I might also suggest (if you haven't already) that you familiarize
yourself and sign up for the Ubuntu forums. They are an awesome source
of information.

Welcome to Linux and Scribus!

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