[scribus] Tiling an image

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Nov 3 21:45:18 CET 2010

On Wednesday 03 November 2010 16:11:12 Bruce McIntyre wrote:
> Is it possible to tile an image in an object's background in
> Scribus?
> I have a wall display of teams in our local bridge league, a 3 inch
> high and about 40 inch wide strip printed on heavy cardstock for
> each team, showing match results and coming schedules for each
> team.  As matches come in, I write the results directly on each
> strip and move the strips up and down as teams move up and down in
> the current standings.  I used to use a different colour background
> for each team, but last year I had some success with perpetual
> textures.  In MS Pub I was able to easily tile these backgrounds;
> in Scribus there does not appear to be an option to do so.
> The general idea can be gotten from this site:
> http://www.matchpointer.com/i_A_STA.htm
> ...although the wall display is a fair bit different in layout.

Not sure exactly what you want, but tiling is easy in Gimp etc. Also 
see page 357 of the Official Manual where tiling is discussed. The same 
information is available as a tutorial somewhere as I recall. 
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