[scribus] sla extension

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Mon Nov 1 11:14:38 CET 2010

>> >  Hi
>> >
>> >  I understand that 1.3.5 and (the current latest stable
>> >  release) apparently have incompatible file formats so I am just
>> >  wondering if there ever was a discussion about a "stable" .sla
>> >  extention and a development .sl_something file extension
>> >
>> >  I have not tested it but apparently 1.3.5 opens 1.3.3.x files but
>> >  modifies them - is there a warning when it happens so that users can
>> >  create a backup copy under 1.3.3.x ?
> Basiclly a higher number release of Scribus will be able to open an
> sla file made with a lower number release. Seehttp://goo.gl/Cgrp
> A lower number release, like 1.3.x will not open a higher number
> release, like 1.5.0
> Modification is unlikely to occur to the original file unless you
> write to the original file, ie, save it. Save it under a different
> nameto avoid this problem.
One thing to watch out for that has tripped me up on occasion is if the 
original doc in 1.3.3.x file format or newer Scribus 1.3.5+ application 
has autosave switched on. If so then opening the older scribus file with 
newer scribus WILL overwrite in Scribus in the new format.

I would always suggest to either save as a new name ie 'name1.35vers.sla 
', or switch off autosave immediately after opening a file in older file 

That sad though, Autosave is useful especially as 1.3.8 is a little bit 
more crash prone ..

Kind Regards,

Julian Robbins

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