[scribus] Where is the text frame word wrap code?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Mon May 31 20:13:54 CEST 2010

John C. wrote:
>> > But there is a solution that provides maximum benefit with
> least effort.
>> > In your situation my only question would  be, which flavor of
> TeX? A
>> > Scribus solution will require far more effort on your behalf.
>> Indeed TeX, or any other markup language, would be far easier
> for me.
>> However the output of this program is not intended to go
> straight to print.
>> It will only generate the first draft of the document. There is a
> long,
>> unpredictable editing process afterward. Our staff already have a
> wealth of
>> expereince using scribus for this editing process. If the output
>> of
> my
>> program isn't a scribus document, they will just continue to work
> manually.
>> Thanks for your suggestion. It just won't work for our
> organization in the
>> near future.

> And they can't learn how to edit text in a plain text document
> using Vim or Emacs? I am pushing age 78 and I learn new things
> all the time.

Please---Emacs is the ultimate geek program. I can't imagine
expecting ANY normal person to learn Emacs. Even the name gives me
the shudders. When someone suggest using Emacs, I know immediately
that he/she and I live in different universes.<g>

I suspect most Scribus users who are in it for desktop publishing
are not bait for Emacs or vim--or TeX, for that matter. Do we really
want to scare them off?
--Judy M.

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