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Submitted on 05/31/2010
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   Name: Armony ALTINIER
   Email Address: aaltinier at april.org
   Subject: Scribus and digitial accessibility

My name is Armony, I am French and I coordinate the Workgroup "Accessibility  
and Free Software"of the association "April", French advocacy association  
devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software in France (5300 members).

The goal of the Workgroup is to sensitize people about making free software  
accessible to everyone, especially disabled people.

We are trying to create accessible documents, and we noticed that only  
Acrobat Professional has a function for adding accessibility tags to PDF  
documents (see  

But maybe we can create accessible PDF directly with Scribus? We can do it  
with Open Office, is there a function to add accessibility tags on Scribus?  
We looked for it but didn't find it...

I wondering if you were working on it? Or maybe you know another way of  
tagging a PDF document to make it accessible? It's a really big gap for  
Accessibility and Free Software.

Thanks by advance for your answer.

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     Type: Linux
     Version: Ubuntu 10.4
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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