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ciao julian,

basically: no, it's not possible to read publisher files with scribus.

but there are tools to export content from publisher files.

you may read in our faq about it:


afaik, there may  be somebody in your region who could help you with
the migration.

just ask if you need more information.

buona serata

> For logistical reasons we used publicher.
> Now for reasons other compatibiltà we intend to use your Scribus.
> We want to know, though, all the graphics and data that we have
> worked with publicher can be imported into Scribus Vs. If this were
> possible, what commands to use for moving them from publicher to
> Sribus.? Thank you for your cooperation. Julian S.
> I ns. Ref.
> S.M.C.
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> 38068 Rovereto (TN)
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> Fax 0464 664499
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