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On Wed, 19 May 2010 07:53:35 -0700, John Jason Jordan wrote:

> On Wed, 19 May 2010 10:13:16 +0000 (UTC) TSH
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>>On Tue, 18 May 2010 19:28:42 -0700, John Jason Jordan wrote:
>>> On Tue, 18 May 2010 18:34:02 +0000 (UTC) TSH
>>> <tsh.gmane at miserableoldgit.me.uk> dijo:
>>>>> qtconfig or qt4config (or similar?)
>>>>No - nothing I do there seems to make any difference, either.
>>>>Other QT applications pick up the system colour OK, and judging from
>>>>your suggestion, I'm guessing this is a QT issue not a Scribus one.
>>>>It's not a major issue, and I can live with it, but it would be nice
>>>>to have Scribus matching the rest of the desktop. It's also a puzzle
>>>>why Scribus, alone, doesn't.
>>> Maybe it's something in KDE settings. Open a terminal and type
>>> "systemsettings" (sans quotes).
>>I'm using Gnome, but it's interesting you say that, because I did try
>>installing some KDE applications, like Knode and Kaddress, and come to
>>think of it, they too wouldn't pick up the system window colour (they
>>did in Ubuntu Hardy). But I didn't play with them for very long, and the
>>extra Kgubbins they brought in with them seemed to cause one or two
>>issues with the default Studio/Gnome environment, so I removed it all.
> Scribus is a KDE app.

I feel you may be on dangerous territory there.

KDE is (or at least was - I don't know about the current version) built 
using QT.

Scribus is built using QT.

But Scribus is not dependent upon KDE. QT is cross-platform and cross-
desktop, and Scribus works very well on other desktops and operating 

> And when you said "I did try installing some KDE
> applications, like Knode and Kaddress, and come to think of it, they too
> wouldn't pick up the system window colour" it convinced me that it's in
> the KDE settings. I recently had the same problem with KDE apps, except
> in my case it was huge fonts for application menus.
> In current versions of KDE the window and font settings are in
> /usr/bin/systemsettings. If Scribus did not install it as a dependency
> it's because it's not technically required for Scribus to operate. So go
> to a terminal and type "systemsettings." If you get "no such command"
> error message, then install kcontrol-workspace first.

I did look into that when you first mentioned it, but I currently have no 
Kapps on board, and even if I did, installing systemsettings would bring 
with it about 250MB of Kstuff.

I appreciate your suggestion, but on a Gnome desktop, I don't think that 
is the way to go.

Stewart H.

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