[scribus] label type project questions

David Berg drberg1000 at gmail.com
Fri May 14 16:24:31 CEST 2010

I'll preface this with stating that I am very new to desktop
publishing in general and Scribus in particular.

***The Project:
I'm working on creating a 8.5x11 sheet with multiple copies of the
same card similar to a sheet of shipping labels.  Each card would have
three fields two of which would be the same for each card on a sheet,
the third would either be left blank or contain participants names.

***What I've done so far:
A sample layout for the card was available to me in PDF form so I
imported the page, deleted all objects I didn't need and added
different various objects and layers to the best of my abilities.  The
result is here:
"Organization Name" and the date are in their own layers to make
printing blank cards easier.  Also, those two objects are the only
text objects.  The rest of the text was imported as multiple polylines
from the PDF.

***My questions
* The card looks great when displayed in Scribus.  How do I improve
the resolution when I export?  I get the same result when exporting to
* Is there a way I can manipulate the whole card as an object
maintaining the layers?  I need to be able to duplicate it multiple
times across a sheet.
* Once I have multiple copies on the sheet, Is there a way I can
change the Organization/Date on all copies in one operation?
* Similarly, can I bring names in and have them filled in like one
would in a mail merge?

Thank-you for your help.


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