[scribus] Copy pages

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri May 7 19:24:17 CEST 2010

hi sven,

> (btw. a master on
> top of everything would be a great improvement for future versions).

implemented in the current development version!
(even better than what you are suggestion :-)

> I use Scribus ( on Gentoo Linux) to create a double sided
> book. The title page and the first two pages are finished. The other
> pages should look similar to the two pages. They contain images (e.g.
> a border) over both pages.

putting the images in the scrapbook and then pasting in place (paste to page) may help here...

> Thus, I have to copy both pages as template for the next pages.
> However, the copy function for pages allows only to copy one after
> one and not both together in one step. After that, everything is
> messed up. So I started to create two empty pages and copy all items
> to the new pages.

i don't see why it should be messed up... just copy the first page at the end, then copy the second page to the end and so on...

if you don't have too many pages it should be manageable...

an alternative would be to create a manageable number of pages and save it as a "temporary" .sla document.
then go back to you main document and import those pages from the document...

you may also duplicate the temporary document and import into one of them the pages of the second, duplicating that way the number of pages....

voilà, i wish you good luck!


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