[scribus] PDF error "An error exists on this page"

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 25 14:18:42 CET 2010

hi marco,
> I haven't had this before with previous versions of the Scribus 
> document and exported PDF's, but it seems a quite common error with 
> PDF documents when I Google for the error, but little clue's as to how 
> to solve it.
> How do I find out what is wrong with the Scribus document? Any good 
> way to find a problematic "object" in Scribus (except Preflight 
> Verifier, which didn't turn up anything)?

by uploading .sla (eventually as collected for output) and pdf to the 
bug report system (http://bugs.scribus.net; you can mark it as "private" 
to let only the devs see it, if you don't want your document to be world 


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