[scribus] intellectual property

CLIVE CATTERALL clive.catterall at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 22 10:17:10 CET 2010

> online. Books are handier than ring binders IMO. 
> If/when an e-book version is made available I would suggest
> a significant 
> price. A lot of people worked a lot of hours in putting the
> book together. 
> They deserve some recompense. 
> -- 
> John Culleton

I would agree entirely that the authors should be recompensed for their effort in putting the manual together. 

However, I find it an interesting sentiment to be aired on a list that has at times displayed a (sometimes bad-tempered) dislike of the whole idea of intellectual property.

Now, as far as I can tell (as a named inventor - you can look me up on the european patents database) the patent system only benefits corporations, but how do we ensure that authors get adequate reward for their work witout copy rights?

Clive Catterall

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