[scribus] Deleting large image hangs

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Mar 21 11:16:08 CET 2010

hi john jason,

> >> There is something terribly wrong with my installation of Scribus
> >> on Fedora 11. I had none of these problems on Jaunty with
> >> the same version of Scribus. It was slow, but never hung or
> >> crashed.
> Can images be embedded in Scribus?

sadly yes... but only in 1.5svn

> I ask because the image is for the front cover of another book. That
> book and all its files are in a different folder. I do not know the
> name of the image file on disk, but I renamed the entire folder, which
> should make Scribus unable to see it. Nevertheless, even after
> shutting down and restarting the entire computer, there it is still on
> the pasteboard where I accidentally placed it from the Scrapbook. 
> I can resize it and I can move it around. But any attempt to delete it
> hangs Scribus in an endless loop with one CPU core hovering close to
> 100%.

using the 1.3.6svn from the scribus .deb repository, the image does not get embedded when the image frame is sent to the scrapbook and then reinsterted in the document.

another workaround: can you delete the whole page where the image is in?


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