[scribus] Tell me, please How to work with tables

Ian Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Sat Mar 20 13:08:42 CET 2010

Hi Lebedev

I ran into the same problem but came up with the following method that 
works perfectly for me!!

_Copy Spreadsheet Table to Scribus_

Scribus provides the ability to create tables. Unfortunately, Scribus 
tables are nothing more than combined text frames, and it is a bit hard 
to work with them. If you need to have more complex tables, here is a 
reliable workaround:


      Create your table in either OpenOffice.org Calc (or Writer).


      Copy only the cells you need for Scribus, (this means: not the
      whole spreadsheet in
      Calc), to the clipboard, create a new OpenOffice Draw document,
      and use Edit >
      Paste Special > GDI Metafile to insert the table as a vector file
      into Draw.


      Save using File > Export to export the graphic as an EPS file.
      Make sure that 'Selection' is checked in the export dialog,
      because otherwise the whole page will be exported.


      Now import the EPS file as a vector drawing in Scribus via File >
      Import > EPS/PS.


      Adjust the size of the graphic using the Frame Size under Properties.

Ian Whitfield.

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