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On Wednesday 17 March 2010 16:15:52 Candice Jordan wrote:
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>      Name: Candice Jordan
>      Email Address: artneko at gmail.com
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>      Version: 1.3.5
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>      Type: MacOS X
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>      Subject: Newspaper in Scribus
>      Message:
> I edit an 8 page tabloid size newspaper for a neighborhood association
> in Portland, and several other assocaitions (we have about 95) are
> looking to emulate our paper.  Previously the paper was done in InDesign
> but for reasons of volunteer accessibility I am trying to move toward
> open source software. I did the last two issues using Open Office Writer
> with definite issues with our printer, mostly over color.  I am a total
> newbie both to DTP (coming from the old days of actual cut and paste)
> and am struggling trying to learn how to use Scribus--don't need a lot
> of fancy stuff, just the basics, like I can't figure out how to do
> styles for example to set my paragraph indents for the body.  Is there
> someone that can help me with this -- and what would be most excellent
> would be if there were someone in Portland who wanted to meet with me to
> show me a few quick tips, help me set up a basic template and who might
> also be willing to coach others from the various neighborhood
> associations and coalitions.  If I can just get the basics under my belt
> I am happy to pay it forward and teach others.
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Sorry, but its a long ocmmute from Maryland. But there are some templates 
that come with Scribus that may  be helpful even though they are very old. 
John Culleton
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