[scribus] Font colours

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Mar 14 16:46:07 CET 2010

hi mike

> I recently downloaded v1.3.5.1 and now only seem to have a very
> restricted palette of colours for text (headlines, etc.).  On
> previous versions I had access to all manner of colours available to
> me.  Am I missing something?


scribus has changed the way it presents you the colors.

instead throwing at you an unusable huge list of predefined colors it lets you define which palette you want to use for your documents and lets you
- create your own colors
- pick colors from the existing palettes

we will have more and more colors in scribus and it does not really make sense to show them all at once.

if you want the old bigger palette back, you should close the documents, go to edit > colors and select another default color palette.

but, imho, you'd better not do it.

i've got several requests like your recently and i start to think that for unexperienced users the change is big enough to need a warning.

i will open a bug report for it: let's see how we can avoid such problems in the future...


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