[scribus] alignment of text frames after inserting a new page

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Mar 9 07:40:36 CET 2010

> facing pages layout. Especially if there are many elements on the page. So
> we would actually need to ?flip the containers? without flipping the
> content! ?Flip? the alignment of text (and affect stylesheets? or master
> pages?) If the change only affects one text frame on each page, then I guess

As I wrote before: MS Word handles it perfectly by allowing the
position of a frame (MS Word DOES have text frames too) to be:

For horisontal position
- Absolute i relation to
 a) Page (what Scribus does)
 b) Margin
 c) Column
 d) Character (yes, you can locate a frame relative a single character)
- Book layout (this is what we are looking for)
 a) Inside Margin
 b) Inside Page
 c) Outside Margin
 d) Outside Page
- Justified
 a) Left of Page, Margin, Column or Character
 b) Centered on Page, Margin, Column or Character
 c) Right of Page, Margin, Column or Character

For Vertical position position the choices are very much the same,
with the following differences:
Book layout is not available, only Justified and Absolute
Column is replaces by Paragraph
Character is replace by Line
Left and Right replaced by Top/Bottom.

And yes, it probably requires quite a change to Scribus, but looking
at how many people ask on this list for if Scribus is suitable for
books I really think these features (as well as foonotes, TOC/index
from styles and a few other) are getting more and more important.


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