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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 16:31:55 CET 2010

2010/3/7 Jean-Luc Waber <jlwaber at gmail.com>

> >  - This discussion is about DTP and I look at it from the DTP point of
> >    view. If it was only the author?s point of view, why would the
> initiator of
> >    this thread bother with the layout and the margins of the book? I have
> >    understood he tries to layout the book ? content and container, or
> text and
> >    layout if you prefer ? all by himself.
> I don't want to interrupt the discussion, but I think I see now better
> why I had some problems.
> By the way, the problem exists IMO only when we let chapters start on
> the left page (which many books do).
> >  - ... adding 2 pages and deleting the extra one at the end of the
> >    chapter/section/book is a proven method...
> I was not quite sure how inserting 2 pages would solve the need for 1
> new page ...
> But by trying this I just discovered one of the reasons why I needed
> this feature of aligning frames: with scribus linking text
> frames in inserted pages with the following frame to have the text come
> into the inserted frame didn't work.
> Now I tried to insert 2 pages (one needed for the change in the previous
> chapter and a second empty one). Then I have to move the text of my
> following frames to the second newly inserted page by linking the frames
> together. This does NOT work in, but works fine in 1.3.5.
> So I have a second workaround (besides moving the frames) for my problem
> in 1.3.5. which might be good enough.
> In the future it might still be handy to have this done automatically

What complicates the issue is the fact that there may be great differences
between a left page and a right page in terms of layout. It’s merely
impossible to list all possibiliies. For instance, your facing pages layout
me use extensively the “mirror” effect (which is what outside / inside
margins suggest): the pictures may be placed at the outside margins, or just
about any element. The left align / right align following the left page /
right page pattern will add to the difficulty of adding a single page into a
facing pages layout. Especially if there are many elements on the page. So
we would actually need to “flip the containers” without flipping the
content! “Flip” the alignment of text (and affect stylesheets? or master
pages?) If the change only affects one text frame on each page, then I guess
that a script will do the job. But it might affect the layout by other means
much more related to editorial or graphical choices that will be a lot more
difficult to handle automatically. It can sometimes be tedious to try to
solve exceptional cases with a computer-minded solution. Sometimes, it just
can’t work that way.


> (if it does not create other problems which I don't know with my
> amateurish understanding).
> Thanks for all your help.
> Jean-Luc
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