[scribus] alignment of text frames after inserting a new page

Jean-Luc Waber jlwaber at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 15:56:39 CET 2010

>  - This discussion is about DTP and I look at it from the DTP point of
>    view. If it was only the author?s point of view, why would the initiator of
>    this thread bother with the layout and the margins of the book? I have
>    understood he tries to layout the book ? content and container, or text and
>    layout if you prefer ? all by himself.
I don't want to interrupt the discussion, but I think I see now better
why I had some problems.
By the way, the problem exists IMO only when we let chapters start on
the left page (which many books do).

>  - ... adding 2 pages and deleting the extra one at the end of the
>    chapter/section/book is a proven method...
I was not quite sure how inserting 2 pages would solve the need for 1
new page ...
But by trying this I just discovered one of the reasons why I needed
this feature of aligning frames: with scribus linking text
frames in inserted pages with the following frame to have the text come
into the inserted frame didn't work.
Now I tried to insert 2 pages (one needed for the change in the previous
chapter and a second empty one). Then I have to move the text of my
following frames to the second newly inserted page by linking the frames
together. This does NOT work in, but works fine in 1.3.5.
So I have a second workaround (besides moving the frames) for my problem
in 1.3.5. which might be good enough.
In the future it might still be handy to have this done automatically
(if it does not create other problems which I don't know with my
amateurish understanding).

Thanks for all your help.


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