[scribus] change image folder

E. de Winkel winkelde at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 8 10:01:37 CET 2010

During the writing of a project containing several images, I thought it 
necessary to change the folder name of the folder containing one chapter 
of images. This off course triggered the preflight to mention "missing 
image". So I had to re-enter all images.
Is there a workaround?
Would it be possible in a future edition of Scribus to make a feature 
like: if "missing image" is triggered; ask "do you want to search for 
the image?" or "Find images in folder <?>".
Since such a feature would have been helpful on other occasions as well, 
this might also be good for others.

Using version on W7 platform.
Ermin de Winkel

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