[scribus] alignment of text frames after inserting a new page

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Mar 5 08:22:01 CET 2010

hi greg

> >> I hav the same problem. I found that is is quicker, and more exact,
> >> to use the properties and just change the numbers there.

> > going to berne and back to zurich i've implemented a first version
> > of the script which adjusts the misplaced frames in a document
> > after a page has been inserted.

> > have fun and give some feedback: does it work for you?
> I thought about this concept but it's a little problematic.

i dont't think it's a big issue, but i don't really agree with you're
approach on this matter.

here you have a simple solution (or a first draft of a solution) for a
simple problem like ian and jean-luc were experiencing.

if you have more fancy layouts this script won't solve your problems.

but i was not concerned with the question wether scribus
is  ready for complicated double page layouts.
i'm trying to give a usable workaround for those cases where the user
sees that his problem is very simple but scribus does not offer any
solution at all (except manually go through 30 pages and move all
frames back to their reference guide)

i will welcome the implementation of real variables in the value
boxes. but this won't happen tomorrow.
by implementing this solution as a script we have
a way of doing which can be adapted by the users themselves (and
which  could even be used for complex layouts) and which doesn't
clutter the scribus code base with unneeded complexity.

so, instead of discussing in this thread all the things scribus can't do
(and won't probably be able to do for a long time), can  we focus in
improving this script in order to solve the most simplest cases?

finally, as i already wrote: i agree that the easiest solution is to
always add a pair of pages (leaving a left page empty if necessary,
like in many books)... but sometimes it may not possible to do it!


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