[scribus] alignment of text frames after inserting a new page

Jean-Luc Waber jlwaber at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 06:59:41 CET 2010

> hi jean-luc,
>>> First I would like to say that I like scribus. I made my first
>>> layout with, a 208 page book in Swahili. Now as I start
>>> working on the next book (300 pages) I am using
>>> (WindowsXP). I have left and right pages with a wider margin in
>>> the center for the binding. Following the advice on this forum I
>>> will split the book in several sections. I will have, at some
>>> time, to insert or delete a page, after working on hyphenation
>>> and page layout. This will affect all following pages. Now when I
>>> insert a page (not at the end), there is no text frame on the new
>>> page (which can be added manually, not a big problem). But my
>>> bigger problem is that all text frames on the following pages are
>>> off. So far i have to move them one by one. I wondered if there
>>> is  a solution or workaround? Or am I missing something?
> are you working with automatic frames? if yes then, you should always
> add the frames at the end of the document.
> if not: - select the text frame on the page before the newly
> inserted - use the unlink tool and click on the following text frame 
> - add a text frame in the newly created page if you have not done so
> yet - select the text frame on the page before the newly inserted -
> use the link tool and click on the text frame on the newly inserted 
> page - use the link tool and click on the text frame on the now
> unlinked text on the next page
> it works in 1.5svn and i don't see any reason why it should now work
> in
> ciao a.l.e
> p.s.: on next sunday we are starting a grafik labor in zurich: if
> you're in switzerland as your name would suggest, your are kindly
> invited to come and exchange your experiences with scribus and other
> graphics software (the main focus will be on photo editing with gimp,
> but we wish to promote an open mood!)

Thank you a.l.e for your answer. I use the automatic frame and have no
problem, when inserting at the end. I know how to link and unlink the
text frames. The problem is that the frame on the following pages are
not moved according to left/right page layout. See the example I uploaded on
The second last page was inserted, i linked the text frames, ok. But the
last (and following) frame is off (still like it was on the right page).
Suppose I have 200 pages following, do I have to go to every frame and
reposition it manually? This is what I did so far, but I wondered if
there is an automatic solution? Did I make myself clear?


P.S. Yes, I am from Switzerland, but live in Tansania. I would love to
come to a meeting like the one you mentioned. Next time I am in CH I
will contact you, if you don't mind.

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