[scribus] Little red boxes in text documents

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Mar 2 10:44:10 CET 2010

> I'm getting those little red boxes throughout text documents I bring
> into my work via the "insert text" command, from kwrite in OpenSUSE
> linux. They always appear where an apostrophe or a quote mark should
> be,
> and sometimes in empty spaces between sentences. They add extra blank
> spaces if ignored, when the document is printed, so I put the cursor
> to
> the left of each, add the punctuation mark needed, if any, and then
> delete the red box. If I type a document myself directly into a text
> frame, or use the story editor, the red boxes do not appear. They're
> harmless and easily removed, I suppose they have a purpose, and in a
> very long text document they could be quite annoying. I'm only doing
> newsletters and church bulletins, so they're just one more step to be
> dealt with.

Well I am not sure. You might have different little red boxes. can you
upload a indicitive screenshot to http://imagebin.ca and let us know
what the url is that they give you after uploading.

And also tell us what version of Scribus you are using.

I just inserted some text that I had done in Kwrite, looks fine to me.

My guess is that the character created by Kwrite is not recognized by
your font and so a placeholder is created. My guesses are not always
right though.



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