[scribus] Font installation for use with OpenOffice?

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Tue Jun 22 19:08:37 CEST 2010

Peter N. wrote:
>> I have a similar problem in that I have a windows font cooper
>> installed
>> in my windows font directory but it does not show up in Scribus
>> nor
>> openoffice. Works great in .fonts in ubuntu but, sadly a no show
>> in
>> windows. Any ideas on how to sort this out.
> Is it really INSTALLED? An available in other Windows programs?
> Because you can not just copy a font to the fonts directory, the
> must
> be installed (and they even don't have to be located in the font
> directory when they have been installed).
> I use a program called The Font Thing to help me install and
> uninstall
> fonts depending on when I need them. I have all my "non-Windows"
> fonts
> in a separate directory (so I don't accidentily uninstall a font
> needed by the system).
> /Peter

Um, copying a font to the \Windows\Fonts directory *IS* a way you
install fonts in Windows. If a font or a shortcut to it appears in
\Windows\Fonts, the font is installed. You can also right-click on
the font when it is elsewhere and select Install or Install
Shortcut, but the results are absolutely no different than simply
copying or creating a shortcut. You can also highlight a font that's
in another directory, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Fonts and
select Paste and voila! your font is now in \Windows\Fonts and all
ready to go.

It always worked this way in Win 9x and XP and I just booted into
Windows 7 and made sure copying is still effective in Win 7. It is.
Again, if a font appears in \Windows\Fonts, it is installed. It
should work in Scribus and every other font-aware Windows program.

I agree with Peter that the person with the problem needs to
determine if the font is showing up in other Windows programs. In
the days when Windows always came with Wordpad, that was a good one
for testing fonts. Win 7 no longer includes Wordpad, but Notepad in
Win 7 is font aware and the font in question should show up in
Notepad's font list.

If it doesn't, more checking is in order. Win 7 allows you to hide
some fonts. Make sure the font isn't hidden. Otherwise, I'd wonder
about font corruption or a wonky font. Scribus is strict about font
quality and for all I know, OOo may be, too.

In Win 7 you can't delete a font needed by the system. In fact, it's
very hard to uninstall fonts Win 7 considers necessary. And if you
displayed the font, it's considered in use until you reboot, which
can drive you mad if you are getting rid of fonts you don't need.

Font managers just make it easier to deal with a large number of
fonts, i.e., more than you want installed at any one time. They
don't have "magic" that solves font problems.

Also, a previous post mentioned using something that was for Linux.
The OP isn't having a problem with fonts in Linux, just in Windows.
--Judy M.

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