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Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 04:43:02 CEST 2010

On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:50 AM "John Culleton" <john at wexfordpress.com> wrote:
Am Freitag, 21. Mai 2010 20:12:39 schrieb Jim:

> > I need to vent. I say this with conviction
> > that Scribus is the worst piece of software I have ever used; and I 
> > have used a lot of software over the years.

Obviously, you have not been exposed to much software if you think this is the worst. What about MS Windows?

> > Counter intuitive, klunky and overall frustrating to the point of
> > ripping the very hair out of my skull.

I will agree that I found Scribus to have quite a steep learning curve, especially since I had never been exposed to any Desktop Publishing software before, and the whole paradigm was completely new to me. Also, a lot of things behave very differently than what I would have expected. Nevertheless, I find it a most powerful and useful tool. I now use it for creating all of my documents, except for the most simple ones which can be created by a text editor or OpenOffice (if placement of images and flexibility are not important).

I agree that Scribus IS a top notch product. I have seen few other open source products that provide such good support and advice.

> John Culleton


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