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I use fonts from dafont.com, I never meet with your problem (not mean is not be hapens in future)

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Subject: [scribus] Font question True Type vs Open Type
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Date: Monday, June 14, 2010, 7:36 PM

I've been having some problems with PDF files that local print shops can't use do to embedded / outlined font issues.

I found that of the two printers that I use, one accepts my pdfs  when fonts are outlined and the other accepts my pdfs when the fonts are embedded.


Some of my non- True Type fonts will not "embed", i.e., when I try to embed them they will NOT migrate to the box that indicates that they are embedded but they migrate to the box indicating that they are Outlined.


When buy a font what should I look for to ensure that the font will allow itself to be embedded?

Can people recommend font sources?

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